My teaching has included:


Part One:

Persuasive Writing

Revisioning Shakespeare

Genre and Context

What Kind of Text is This?

Part Two:

Renaissance Texts and Culture


Film Narrative

Career Management Skills

Communications at Work

 Literature, Language and Media

 Literature, Language and Education

Part Three:

Jane Austen and the Courtship Novel

Detective Fiction

Packaging Literature


Shakespeare on Film


Renaissance MA module 'Death and the Early Modern Englishwoman'


Research Management

Academic writing

Writing for publication

I have also taught occasionally as a guest lecturer in Plant Sciences, History, Engineering, Language and Management, Politics and International Relations and Environmental Science. I am a regular guest lecturer in Real Estate and Finance.


Teaching and Learning activities and grants:

 University of Reading Partnerships in Learning and Teaching (PLanT) funding to work with students exploring the application of active learning techniques to the professional development activities of undergraduates (2017)

Teaching and Learning Dean's funded project to explore graduate attributes in our teaching (2016)

Santander Interns project exploring graduate attributes and their place in teaching and learning (2015)

University of Reading Partnerships in Learning and Teaching (PLanT) funding to work with students in an examination of transferable skills development in relation to a Part One module (2015)

Teaching and Learning Development Fund two-year project on Generating Resources and Access to Screencapture Software (GRASS) (2014-16)

Annual Fund to produce screencasts for a YouTube channel, aimed at promoting learning to YouTube browsers beyond the university, including the creation of British Sign Language interpreted screencasts (2014)

UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme) funding for two research students to undertake a university-wide audit of the use of screen and learning capture technology (2014)

Three-year University Teaching Fellowship funded project to develop a scheme of academic placements that would be transferable across the university (2009-2012)


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