Karin Lesnik-Oberstein Teaching, Convening and Supervision

Undergraduate Teaching

I am Part 3 convenor of the 'Children's Literature' module and the 'Psychoanalysis and Text' module, which I also teach every year; Parts 1 and 2 teaching on the modules: Twentieth-Century American Literature (Part1); Writing America (Part 2).

Teaching awards and award nominations:

2003: Nominated as one of twelve 'lecturers of excellence' at the University of Reading.

2004: Nominated as one of ten 'lecturers of excellence' at the University of Reading.

2006: Nominated for the Student Awards for Outstanding Contributions toell-karin-lesnik-oberstein-teaching-award Teaching.

2010: Awarded the student-nominated Faculty Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning.

2012: Nominated for a Reading Student Union 'Gold Star' award.

2015: Awarded University of Reading Student Union 'Outstanding Academic Tutor Excellence Award'.

2016: Nominated for a University of Reading Student Union 'Teaching Excellence Award'

Full member of the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL).


Completed PhDs:

Dr Neil Cocks (1997-2000)

Dr Susan Walsh (1998-2001)

Dr Yuko Ashitagawa (2002-5; fully ORS funded for second and third year)

Dr Hannah Smith (2002-5; full Reading Studentship funded)

Dr Louise Tondeur (2002-6; full Reading Studentship funded)

Dr Helen Ainslie (2006-9, full Graduate School of Arts and Humanities funded)

Dr Catrin Edwards (2007-10, full AHRC funded)

Dr Kirsty Pennicard-Wood (2004-2010, part-time)

Dr Yu-Kuan Chen (full-time, 2007-12)

Dr Evdokia (Kia) Michalopoulou (2006-13, part-time)

Dr Christopher Milson (2011-2016; part-time)

Dr Kristina West (2012-2016; part-time)

Present PhDs:

Ian Mulholland (part-time, from 2013, University of Reading Regional Bursary funded).

Anindita Roy (full-time, from 2014, full Felix Scholarship funding).

Elizabeth Harris (part-time, from January 2015).

Bonnie McGill (full-time, from 2015, full University of Reading Studentship funded).

Alexander Hellens (part-time, from 2016; Wilkie Calvert Fund bursary).

Rebecca Lindsay (part-time, from 2016).


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