Carolyn Lyle Teaching

My teaching largely reflects my interests in drama, the Gothic, the uses of ancient Greek and Latin sources in English Literature, and relationships between the body and literature in the early modern period.

I contributed the English Literature section of the Classical Reception Studies Network e-seminar, 28 May-8 June 2012. It was set up 'to help students and researchers to overcome the challenges of working on Classical Reception topics by providing them with a few basic tools and texts from other disciplines'. It received 3,182 visits and, although now closed for comments, can be found at


Verse rhythm, page to stage, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Webster, Congreve, Addison, Steele, Pope, Swift, Sterne's Tristram Shandy, Brecht.

Undergraduate seminars taught (first and second year)

What Kind of Text is This? (Genre from Chaucer to Dickens.)

Renaissance Drama.


Restoration to Revolution (Rochester to Sterne and the early Romantics).

Seminars convened (third year)

Contemporary Drama; The Roots of Gothic (1580-1765).

Dissertation supervision

Topics for third-year undergraduate dissertations I have been supervising include drama from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century, gender, gothic literature, the detective novel, children's literature, the literary treatment of anorexia, and the representation of children in nineteenth-century novels.


Postgraduate supervision. Reviewer, internally, for PhD research on twentieth-century Jamaican fiction and Renaissance English drama.

Until 2007 I was convenor of the MA in The Body and Representation.

I have supervised MA essays and dissertations on various aspects of early modern literature, especially gender, the supernatural, and the adaptation of classical source material. These have often included works of Shakespeare, but also extended to consider Fletcher, Rochester, and Restoration writers such as Rowe.


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