My primary research interest is the writing, publishing, and reception of twentieth-century and contemporary poetry, and poetry in translation. I have also developed a research interest in those areas I teach, particularly modernist poetry. ell-peter-robinson-res

My recent publishing projects include editing The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary British and Irish Poetry (2013), The Sound Sense of Poetry, completed for publication in 2014, the first monograph on The Poetry of Roy Fisher, and a book on the philosophy and psychology of poetic revision. I have recently published Foreigners, Drunks and Babies a collection of short stories, Like the Living End, a chapbook of new poetry (both 2013) and a new collection of poems for publication in early 2015.

I continue to have a strong interest in poetry from the entire canon of literature in English, reflected in the subjects of my critical writings, and am happy to direct postgraduate and postdoctoral research in the field of my research interests. I am also open to strong and interesting proposals in creative writing and various interdisciplinary areas connected with poetry.

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