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My main research interests lie in the fields of Women's Writing and 'Classic' feminist theory and I have a particularly developed interest in the work of Margaret Atwood, Virginia Woolf, Helene Cixous and Adrienne Rich. Beyond women's writing, my secondary areas of expertise include modern drama, and cultural and critical theory. I have published extensively in all these areas (see 'Publications' below), recently concentrating all research energies into postmodernist readings of Margaret Atwood (see 'Research projects' below) and postmodernist biofictions.

I also have an interest in film theory and formative television drama developed from my PhD thesis that negotiated reformulations of adaptation theory. Subsequent to this work, and following a period lecturing at LSU Southampton, I was the British Academy and HEFCE Postdoctoral Fellow leading research at the BBC Archives into 'The Wednesday Play' series of one-off dramas. This led to research in the area of media theory, particularly with regard to questions of framing and spectatorship. Recently this has been developed to connect with research into television journalism and 'political' broadcasting. The British Academy collaborative research project involved organising a high-profile conference on Television Drama that gathered together leading media theorists and industry practitioners. This led to a series of research projects involving Tony Garnett (subsequently awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Reading), Ken Loach, Troy Kennedy Martin, Kenith Trodd, Faye Weldon, John McGrath, and several others. This body of work generated numerous research articles, and an edited collection of essays currently entering republication, so influential has it proved to be. Meanwhile, my research into contemporary drama led to the formation of close working relationships with Simon Gray, Trevor Griffiths and Peter Shaffer among others.



















Research Projects and Collaborations

I have worked on collaborative research projects (see above) and am now involved in 'The Monroe Group' (an Inter-Disciplinary Research Network based at the University of Reading') and in the HCI 'LGBTQ+ Action Lab'.

I co-organised the 'Postmodernist Biofictions' conference at the UofR in March 2017 and I am on the organising committee of the International Virginia Woolf conference (June/July 2017).






















Current Research Activity (April 2017)

I have recently entered the field of pedagogic research and I am developing interests in student engagement, resilience, criticality and employability. I am in conversation with T&L colleagues from across the University as I continue to develop pedagogic research projects leading to funding opportunities in these areas.

I am currently finalising an article on 'visual framing' in relation to Margaret Atwood's novels and an article on postmodernist biofictional herstories for a conference publication with Cambridge Scholars following the Postmodernist Biofictions Conference (see above). I am simultaneously researching pedagogic materials relating to developing students' criticality.

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