What has our department been doing to lead the way in academic placement learning?

Throughout the university placement learning has become an important part of our learning approach. In the English Department we have been helping to promote the idea of placements in general, and academic placements in particular. Our placement tutor, Dr Cindy Becker, undertook a three-year project on academic placements as part of her University Teaching Fellowship activities. As a result of this, our department has supported Dr Becker as she has:Dr Cindy Becker

  • Run CSTD (Centre for Staff Training and Development) sessions for colleagues interested in introducing academic placements.
  • Formed a network of colleagues from across the university in order to further the implementation of academic placements.
  • Worked with colleagues in other departments as they produced case studies to explore ways in which academic placements might challenge and reward their students.
  • Team-taught in several departments to support colleagues introducing academic placements.
  • Joined a University Thematic Review working party to consider all aspects of placement learning.
  • Given presentations on academic placements at departmental meetings across the university.
  • Liaised with the Careers Service to bring the most effective support to students undertaking academic placements.
  • Presented our ideas on academic placements at a Teaching and Learning showcase.

As a department we continue to lead the way in academic placement learning. As we are offering the opportunity for an academic placement in every one of our modules after a student's first year as an undergraduate, each of our lecturers is conversant with the pedagogical ideas underpinning placement learning. In addition, all module convenors and seminar leaders are aware of the potential placement opportunities which exist within the module they are teaching or convening. They are ready to encourage students as they approach the challenge and to support them throughout the experience.

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