MSC - Poetry and Poetics

The Poetry and Poetics strand in the Modern Studies Centre is concerned with the evolution of thinking in literary aesthetics since the Romantic period, the place and role of poetry in modern and contemporary culture and society, and the theory and practice of poetic composition, revision, publication, marketing and reception. This strand contributes to research provision for higher degrees in creative writing, as well as organizing the annual Gerald Finzi poetry reading, the Owen Barfield poetry prize, the publication of a yearly writing anthology, and such events as the 2009 Bernard Spencer Centenary Conference.

Researchers working within this strand include:

  • Professor Peter Robinson (coordinator) - poetry and translation, revision and publishing, poetry and the visual arts, the social and cultural role of modern and contemporary poetry, ethics and aesthetics
  • Dr Conor Carville - modernism, post-colonialism, contemporary British, Irish and American poetry, literature and the visual arts
  • - poetry and science, the sonnet, modern epic, the Pre-Raphaelites, transatlantic currents in modern poetry
  • Dr Matthew Scott - Romanticism, the history of criticism, aesthetic theory, influence, poetry and politics
  • Sara Pesatori - Vittorio Sereni's translations of William Carlos Williams (in collaboration with Italian Studies)
  • Tom Phillips - writing his own Becoming Europeans: Travels in the Family and a study of modern and contemporary Balkan travel books in English




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