Good Practice in Research in English Language and Applied Linguistics

All students who collect data for research purposes are required to follow the University's Code of Good Practice in Research.

Record Keeping

  • students must keep clear and accurate records of the methods/procedures followed, the results obtained, and thoughts, comments and/or conclusions reached about the results
  • these records should be of a sufficient clarity and quality to allow the work to be repeated if necessary
  • primary data must be securely stored for an appropriate time in a durable form. In the case of the Department of English Language and Literature, this means that students must keep the data for a period of at least two years after the date of submission of the assignment or dissertation that reports the research, in a secure form. Students should check with their supervisor on the required length of time.

Storage of Records

  • any data containing details of individuals must comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act
  • signed Informed Consent Forms and lists of participants’ names and addresses should be lodged with the Head of School. In the case of the Department of English Language and Literature, this means that all Informed Consent forms and participant data should be submitted in a sealed envelope, addressed to 'Ethics Committee', at the time of submission of the assignment. The forms will then be kept by the School Director of Graduate Studies, on behalf of the Head of School, for a period of five years.
  • the location of all records relating to the project must be documented.

Handling of Research Materials

  • all research materials should be clearly, uniquely and durably identified

Students who are conducting research that involves human subjects must refer to the document Ethics Committee Procedures

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