Academic Writing in Context (AWIC)

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This course is designed to guide you through the stages of writing undergraduate assignments, from your first introductory writing to your final dissertation.

The materials are in a Blackboard Organisation, which you can enrol yourself on
and return to as you need to.                                                                    

How to enrol yourself on AWIC

  • Login to Blackboard and click on 'Enrolments'
  • On the left hand side, type 'Academic Writing In Context (AWIC)' into the box marked 'Organisations' and click 'Go'
  • Scroll down and you will find Organisation ID LS ACADWRIT
  • Click on this link and it takes you to the AWIC pages

How to use AWIC

The activities are organised in folders, taking you through from note-taking to the final editing of your written assignments. The activities involve listening to sound files, watching short video clips and working on sample texts taken from former students' essays, reports and dissertations. Don't forget that you may need to take ear-phones to use if you are in a computer lab.

Activity titles are chosen to reflect the type of comments you receive on feedback from your essays, so they should help you to understand what your lecturers are looking for in an excellent assignment.They are designed to be dipped into, as and when you need them, so take your time to absorb the information given and apply it to your own work.

First, read the Welcome Announcement and then click on the 'Documents' tab on the left hand side. This takes you to the activities.

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