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Meet our postgraduate taught students – University of Reading

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Meet our postgraduate taught students

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MA in Applied Linguistics

MA in ELT: Portfolio Track

MA in English Language Teaching by Distance Study

MA in English Language Teaching


The following quotes are from both current and past students on our postgraduate Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching courses:

Ping Lu

MA in Applied Linguistics, graduated 2007.

Ping LuAs an MA student in Applied Linguistics who has finished the study, I think I have gained a lot from this wonderful course.I like the variety of modules offered. But what has impressed me most is the excellent teaching of the lecturers and the lecturers themselves, who are both strict and supportive. They have set us a good example for what a good lecturer should be like.

Emma Kuhles

MA in English Language Teaching, graduated 2007.

Emma KuhlesI have really enjoyed the opportunity to further my theoretical and practical knowledge on the MA ELT course. The fact that the modules encourage the linking of theory and practice means that I have come away with new approaches and techniques to use in the classroom. Overall I have really enjoyed being part of a friendly department and getting to know my colleagues from all over the world.

Qi Zhang

MA in English Language Teaching, graduated 2007.

Qi ZhangI had been a language teacher in China for six years when I started my MA study in English Language Teaching at Reading. I was worried about how I would adapt to my new role as a student in a new social and academic environment, but all the worries turned out to be unnecessary. I found myself in a warm and supportive team. The teachers not only guided us in the search of language learning theories and methodologies, but they themselves set models of various types of fascinating teachers. The colleagues, who were experienced language teachers all over the world, also amazed me with their inspirational ideas. The ten months at Reading is definitely a highly rewarding and unforgettable experience in my life.

Darren Lingley

MA in English Language Teaching (Distance Study), graduated December 2008.

Darren LingleyEnrolling in the MAELT by Distance at Reading was a big decision for me. I already had a full-time teaching position here in Japan and I worried about balancing family, work and graduate studies. However, the flexibility built in to the Reading MAELT has allowed me to study at my own pace, and I can't possibly measure the way my studies have enhanced my work as a teacher. Each module completed thus far has had strong practical applications to my classroom teaching. The course content has also provided me with a theoretical framework for further academic exploration of what happens in my EFL classes. Add to that the accessibility of teachers and excellent feedback on ideas and assignments, and I honestly think I get every bit as much in terms of communication and quality as if I were studying on campus. Each of teachers I have worked with in the Department of Engligh Language and Literature has had an impact on me, and I would fully recommend the Reading MAELT to any new or veteran language teacher who is looking for focus, challenge and career enhancement.

Mandy Taskin

MA in English Language Teaching (Distance Study), graduated July 2008.

Mandy TaskinI am doing a masters degree in TEFL by distance learning. It has been a challenge of course as I also have a full time teaching job in Turkey and I have two young children. However, I have found the course very practical and as I could choose the option modules in the second and third year I was able to really apply my study to my work. At first, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cope with the demands of studying distance but the course is so well organised and each module is very clearly written so I could follow the course really easily. Enough time is given for each module so you can work at you own pace, asking questions and getting valuable feedback and support from lecturers or the other students by e-mail when necessary.

David Jones

MA in English Language Teaching, graduated 2007.

The course has a strong emphasis on the practical application of theories and the value of this is furthered by lecturers who, as well as being academics, between them clearly have a lot of professional experience as EFL instructors and of other roles such as teacher trainers, course designers and managers. Assignments were interesting and the choice given to students was important as this enabled us to reflect on areas of personal interest that are of relevance to our teaching situations. Department staff were very helpful within a friendly atmosphere and were a good example for us to follow when we return to our workplaces

Maggie Avramopoulou

MA in English Language Teaching, graduated 2007

I have to admit that when I took the decision to come to Reading for an MA in English Language Teaching, gaining in actual knowledge was the last thing I had in mind. What I was primarily interested in was meet new people, live in an international atmosphere and experience a different education system, a different way of teaching and learning. Today, a year after I first moved to Reading and now that my MA is over, I am extremely pleased to realize that this course has offered me a lot, not only on theoretical grounds, but on practical ones as well. I am much more confident than what I used to be with regard to my teaching skills and I feel that there is a certain quality to the way I teach now. It has really been a very well-structured, organised and challenging course and I'm very happy that I had the chance to be part of it. I hope that I will be able to maintain this quality and put to good use everything I learned for many years to come. Reading truly is an amazing place to study and I will always remember this year as, I dare say, the best year I've ever had!

MA Applied Linguistics, graduated 2007

The course, MA Applied Linguistics, has broadened my knowledge of the field and improved my skill of conducting research. They offer a variety of modules related to Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching. Assignments were not easy, but I learnt and acquired a lot through the process of completing each work, including the dissertation, which resulted in my having more confidence in the academic achievement than otherwise. Even if I was struggling with assignments, I was helped by module tutors and my supervisor. In addition to these, I have had a number of good friends coming from all over the world. We often encouraged each other and enjoyed our life. Thus I am satisfied very much with the time I spent at Reading in every respect!

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