Monitoring groups

Students working on a group project in Minghella foyerSome form of monitoring is useful to provide students with formative assessment on their progress and also to give you the opportunity to see how well (or not) a group is performing. Monitoring is also important for you to be able to identify potential freeloaders and also for you to keep an eye on students who may find group work particularly challenging. For example, students who are shy, or perhaps those with an educational background where group work is rarely encountered, may find the social aspects of group work particularly challenging. Monitoring the group will keep you informed of any potential problems that may arise as a result of the group dynamics. As your time is precious however, group monitoring need not be an exhaustive process. For example, you may ask to see regular records of the group meetings which detail attendees, input from individuals, discussion points and agreed actions. Or you could ask the group to keep minutes of their meetings, provide a transcript of their last online discussion, or indeed you could monitor online discussions yourself via your virtual learning environment (VLE).

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