What aspects of group work should I assess?

Film theatre and television students putting on a production

When developing your assessment criteria for a group project, it's crucial that you establish from the outset what exactly it is that you are assessing, i.e. how the group have worked together (the group process), the outcome of the group project (the product e.g. a wiki or poster presentation) or a combination of the two.

Relatively speaking assessing the final group product is usually straightforward; however, the real challenge lies in assessing the group process. To overcome this you may choose not to assess the process and instead focus solely on the final product. However, it's worth bearing in mind that doing this may cause problems in maintaining group momentum over an extended period of time1.

Find out more about choosing what to assess.

Whether you choose to assess the product, process, or a combination of the two, the sorts of tasks you could ask your students to engage with as a group are enormously varied. For example, you could require your students to complete a project or develop something (e.g. a report, a design plan, an audio file, a video, a drama performance, an oral presentation etc.) or to analyse an existing problem or case study.

Fo more information on different assessment methods, see the section on different ways to assess your students or download the A-Z of assessment methods (PDF - 175KB)


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