The challenges of assessing groups

'In the end it is the creation of a healthy learning milieu that can contribute most to solving group work assessment problems.'

Graham Gibbs1

Students working on a group project in the Minghella building foyer at the University of ReadingIf you've already used group work you'll be all too aware of the issues of 'freeloaders'; students not taking the work seriously; and the challenge of fairly assessing students' individual contributions to a piece of group work. Knowing at the start what it is that you want to assess, how you are going to assess it and how you are going to ensure a fair and transparent assessment process for individual students is key to addressing these and other common group assessment problems. Approaches to each
of these issues are covered in the following sections:


Gibbs, G. (2010) The assessment of group work: lessons from the literature. [11 October 2011].


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