Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Wind turbines

    Optimisation of renewable and micro-generation technologies, including wind, solar, biomass and CHP

    At present there is unprecedented interest in generating low carbon electricity and/or heat from renewable sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydro. The uptake of these technologies is dependent on a number of factors including the cost of the generated energy, the environmental impact and the social acceptance. This research theme focuses on the development, installation and performance of a number of different renewable energy technologies over a range of scales, with a particular emphasis on small scale building integrated systems. Three key research areas are being addressed:


    • Technology design and development: Using modelling techniques and/or full scale measurements to optimise the design of the technology.
    • Feasibility and resource assessment: Investigating the technical, environmental and social issues affecting the application of the technologies.
    • Performance evaluation: Assessing the parameters which affect the performance of a technology.

    Much of this research is being carried out by members of  Energy and Environmental Engineering

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