Energy Demand

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    Energy demand: the role of buildings, users and energy consuming technology

    To ensure the safe and efficient operation of an energy system an understanding of the  demand profile is required over a range of scales, from individual households  to the national aggregate. However, energy demand is driven by a number of factors including meteorological conditions, social practices, human behaviour and economics. Furthermore, the introduction of new technologies such as electric vehicles, heat pumps and storage, in conjunction with increased flexible demand could result in significant changes to the demand profiles. Research on energy demand at the University of Reading is addressing three key areas:


    • Intelligent building control strategies and systems.
    • Human behaviour and appliance influences on energy demand profiles.
    • Identifying and validating load shifting opportunities.

    To achieve this our researchers are carrying out projects which:


    • Analyse demand patterns and trends through large time-use datasets (
    • Identify the potential for demand reduction in a range of sectors, including food preparartion and retail outlets.
    • Analyse the potential for demand side response under capacity mechanisms.


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