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Energy Research at Reading

Energy research at Reading is grounded on expertise in the built environment, but recognises that energy use brings critical interactions between the built and natural environments. Whilst human exploitation of energy has great potential to impact the natural environment, a changing climate can also significantly influence energy availability and use. Research spans from exploration of energy user behaviour, through study of energy conversion and control technology to analysis of weather and climate factors that drive energy demand and availability. The University of Reading has a long standing history of energy research not least in applying engineering skills to off grid schemes, bringing energy to developing communities. Continuity with this history in seen through the MSc programme in Renewable Energy that is supported by many of the researchers involved in the Energy Group.

The Energy Group

The Energy Group provides a flexible forum for researchers and professionals from across the University of Reading to interact around the specific focus of energy research. It brings together academic schools and university departments including the schools of Construction Management & Engineering, Meteorology and Systems Engineering as well as the Facilities Management department. Participants also maintain wider links to the Walker Institute, Business School, Informatics Research Centre and Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments Centre.

We organise a regular seminar series (approximately 3 per term) and maintain a mailing list for sharing news and conference alerts. Please click here to join the mailing list.

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