• Dr Richard Blakemore (History) 
    Research interests: Atlantic and maritime history; social history; imperial and commercial networks
  • Professor Cedric Brown (English, Emeritus)
    Research interests: Friendship; letters; Milton
  • Dr Rebecca Bullard (English)
    Research interests: Literature and politics; women's writing; bibliography; book history
  • Professor Alan Cromartie (Politics)
  • Dr Paul Davies (History)
    Research interests: Italian architecture 1300-1700
  • Professor Joel Felix (History)
    Research interests: the history of the Ancien RĂ©gime and the French Revolution
  • Dr Rachel Foxley (History)
    Research interests: English civil war politics; history of political thought; republicanism and democracy; radicalism
  • Dr Elizabeth Heale (Honorary Fellow, English)
  • Professor Ralph Houlbrooke (Emeritus, History)
  • Dr Chloe Houston (English)
    Research interests: Utopias; travel writing; Islam; drama; strangers
  • Dr Mark Hutchings (English)
    Research interests: Performance; diplomacy; transmission; theatre
  • Dr Mary Morrissey (English)
    Research interests: Reformation; sermons; London; St Paul's Cross; religion; early modern public sphere
  • Professor Michelle O'Callaghan (English)
    Research interests: Poetry anthologies; cultures of sociability; literature and politics
  • Professor Helen Parish (History)
    Research interests:Reformation; John Bale; Parker Certificates
  • Professor Clare Robertson (History)
    Research interests: Italian Renaissance and Baroque art: painting, drawing and patronage; Renaissance iconography and the reception of antiquity
  • Dr Lisa Sampson (Modern Languages and European Studies)
    Research interests: Renaissance Italy; theatre; court culture; women's writing; academies and literary networks
  • Professor Hugo Tucker (Modern Languages)
    Research interests: the comparative study of Renaissance lyric poetry (French, Italian and neo-Latin)
  • Carolyn D Williams (Honorary Fellow, English)
    Research interests: gender; resuscitation; ghosts

For further infomation on EMRC staff, their areas of interest and their research please
see Research activities.

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