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Title of dissertation (provisional)

Aaron, Maria Netherlands Bilingual Education 

Ab Rahman, Faizahani


The Challenges faced by Malaysian Female Postgraduates studying in universities in England

Abiodun-Ekus, Onyedikachi


Literacy Learning Experiences of Deaf Secondary School Students in Nigeria

Al Amouri, Fatema Oman Curriculum Scope and Sequence Development for Grades 9-12: New Vision for Chemistry Curriculum
Al Ghatarify, Yaqoob  Oman  An investigation into the Colleges of Applied Sciences English Teachers' perceptions of Professional Development in the Sultanate of Oman 
Al Naimi, Hamda  Qatar 

Investigation of students in Qatar's public high schools regarding higher education and career choices

Alanezi, Yousif  Kuwait  The use of technology in HE teaching in Kuwait 
Alarfaj, Manar  Saudi Arabia Teachers perspective and view toward children with Autism and Asperger's syndrome and the implications this has on teaching practice in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) 
Alatiq, Ahlam  Saudi Arabia Teachers' attitudes towards group work: Benefits, Challenges and Current Practice. A comparative study between the UK and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
Alazemi, Jassim  Kuwait The Effectiveness of Public and Private Schools from a Comparative Perspective: Parental Choice of Private Secondary schools in Kuwait 

Alghulayqah, Abdullah

Saudi Arabia

Challenges Facing Private University Presidents in Saudi Arabia

Almutairy, Sulaiman

Saudi Arabia

The impact of User Interface on e-Learning

Alromaih, Mohammed Saudi Arabia The impact of the new authorities on the effectiveness of the role of head teachers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Alyami, Rfah

Saudi Arabia

Tatweer schools in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Innovation an Autonomy

I am going to investigate the Tatweer schools system in Saudi Arabia which represent the innovation and in theses schools they have been attempted to implement the quality and improve efficiency. I am also going to use cost-effectiveness in these schools compare with ordinary schools. (Tatweer schools are 25 secondary schools for boys and 25 secondary schools for girls which are distributed in 25 districts in Saudi Arabia and they are considered as a smart schools).

Arnold, David  Canada EAP Listeners' perspectives on the benefits of Skills and Strategies acquired during and post training
Attwood, Anthony UK Transfer of conceptualization patterns in a bilingual child: The construal of motion events in Spanish and English

Brookes, Winston


The Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL): a study of teachers' views of intended outcomes

Bruton, Heike 


German, the Germans and Germany: discursive representation in UK school settings and the press.
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Day-Hookoomsing, Patricia Mauritian   Second language acquisition in Mauritius
De Korte, Arjen Netherlands  To Teach or not to Teach ...... Grammar
Grimmond, Debbie UK  

Reading English as a second language in Polish L1 secondary school aged students, in the UK

Hillier, Joanne


"You don't see what I see": Immediacy, realism and a phenomenology of everyday photography

Ibrahim, Nayr

South Africa

Bi/multi-literacy, education and identity

John, Tomasz


The Internationalisation of Higher Education: enhancing the postgraduate student teaching and learning experience

Kawka-Olejnik, Agnieszda Poland Inclusion of the Polish students who arrived in the UK after 2004 to the British education system - social, cultural, religious and educational aspects and problems faced by the teachers, parents, students and local authorities

Leitch, Elizabeth


Exploring the lived experiences of young players in a wheelchair basketball club

 Liu, Jie China  Trilingual Education of Ethic minority university students in China 

Mhlanga, Thandazani


Constructing the professional identities of middle managers in English Further Education colleges

Siskova, Zdislava

Czech republic

The relationship between lexical richness and cohesion in written production of EFL learners

Tsakalaki, Anna


Spelling performance in different orthographies: evidence from typical and poor spellers in England and Greece

I have worked as a teacher in UK and Greece and have studied Applied Pedagogical Science and Special and Inclusive Education at a Master's level. My academic and working experience have resulted in getting interested in literacy development of students of various ages and learning abilities. My research project aims to investigate deeper in this field.

 Ye, Wei China A longitudinal study on the idnetity change of Confucius Institute Chinese students in the UK

Yige, Munevver Meltem


Inclusive art education in primary schools: perceptions of pupils with SEN and their teachers

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