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The Institute of Education at The University of Reading is ranked 3rd in the country (Guardian University Guide 2018), out of 75 university teacher training providers in the country. One of our strengths, as recognised by Ofsted, is the high quality of support we provide to schools and Reading Partnership Teachers (RPTs) on placement.

Many of our RPTs go on to secure jobs in their placement schools, so active engagement with the IOE partnership in training new teachers is an excellent way to recruit NQTs to your school.

We work in partnership with over three hundred schools in the south east, mostly centred around Berkshire but also in Buckinghamshire, Hampshire & Oxfordshire.

Benefits of working with the Reading IOE Primary Partnership:

  • a minimum of £270 for each RPT on a block placement
  • the opportunity to recruit teachers with a proven track record
  • an opportunity to be part of the applicant interview process
  • a robust process of CPD for Reading Partnership Mentor through Mentor Certification
  • use of the University logo
  • RPTs bring skill and knowledge to the classroom, assisting teachers to improve pupils' learning


Q. How can we get involved in offering placements?

You can join the partnership and offer placements by completing the online form HERE

 On receipt of your completed form we will contact you with confirmation and further details. Alternatively you can email

Q. What support will be provided for Reading Partnership Mentors?

We offer dedicated webpages for our RPMs, including details about Mentor Certification:

Reading Partnership Mentor Homepage

Q. What funding does the school receive?



PGCE paired placement

£270 per each trainee (£540 in total)

BA Ed paired placement

£270 pre each trainee (£540 in total)

BAED single placement


PGCE single placement


PGCE return placement bonus

£155 + £320 = £475

Attendance at mentor training (3 hours)

£65 per mentor

Q. What support will the school receive from the IOE?

A Partnership training session is held prior to the start of each placement. At this session programme directors will talk through the aims and expectations of the particular placement. Mentors will meet have the opportunity to meet their university visiting tutor, who will support them throughout the placement. In addition there are online materials available to assist mentors.

Q. Do trainees have DBS disclosure?

All our trainee teachers have to satisfy an enhanced DBS check prior to the start of their course. Trainees will present the proof of their DBS clearance when they join a school for a placement.

Q. What are the teaching commitments for trainee teachers?

Block placements BA Ed & PGCE:

1st placement - trainees will begin with observation and build up to take on some teaching by the end of the placement.

2nd placement - trainees will start the placement at approximately 30% teaching time and build to approximately 60% teaching time.

3rd final placement - trainees will start at around 60% teaching time and build to 80%, taking on the role of class teacher by the end of the placement.

1st year BA Ed serial placement is a combination of observation, set tasks and helping the class teacher. Trainees would be expected to teach one or two lessons either as an individual or as part of a team.




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