Deafax: transforming livesDeafax Mission Statement:
Empowering deaf people of all ages to lead fulfilling lives through the use of innovative communications technologies

Founded in 1985 by Ken Carter, Deafax is a charitable company with a national remit and strong international links. It pioneers the innovative use of education, training and research projects involving Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for deaf people of all ages.

Deafax's training meets the linguistic and cultural needs of deaf people, empowering them to make positive and informed decisions about their lives. While the charity's principal beneficiaries are deaf and hard-of-hearing people we also seek to support those who live and work alongside them or who are likely to come into contact with them, for example, healthcare service providers, employers, teachers and more recently, those in the travel, leisure and the civic sectors. The charity provides specialist deaf awareness training and challenges social attitudes, which can limit deaf people's opportunities and prevent them from accessing services and facilities.

Deafax has a more general but central aim of contributing to the quality of life of deaf people by expanding their horizons through the innovative use of technology. To accomplish this, we blend face-to-face, technology-based and online opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing people to access training, information and resources in a deaf-friendly way. We run a range of programmes and associated activities with funding from statutory, commercial and philanthropic bodies. While these are primarily directed to improving the learning and social inclusion of deaf children and adults, we are also playing an increasingly prominent role in driving the national agenda on the future of health education and service provision.

Deafax has established an independent ICT Innovation Research and Development Unit, which is based at the Institute of Education, University of Reading. The Research Unit has the support of its Honorary President Dr Vinton Cerf, who is widely recognised as the 'Architect/Inventor of the Internet' and who currently works as Google's Chief Internet Evangelist. The Unit aims are to:

  • Undertake and seek funding for research and development programmes focused on ICT and deafness, and other related disabilities, which enhance learning, understanding and communication for the benefit of deaf people of all ages.
  • Create a network of professional contacts with universities, research bodies, government agencies and professional organisations worldwide so the pioneering work of Deafax is promoted, represented, and shared.
  • Disseminate the outcomes of its research and development studies through social media forums and blogs, research publications, conferences and websites.
  • Study trends of current and emerging technologies and evaluate their potential for improving the social, educational, health and quality of life of deaf people.

As part of Deafax's technological innovations, we collaborated with a technical partner in the development of the 'Signly App', delivering smart signed content (in British Sign Language) directly to a user's device. The App was launched at the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Buckinghamshire and has been shortlisted for a variety of awards, winning first the prestigious Jodie Matters Award 2017 and then the Best Financial Inclusion Initiative awarded by the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

The aim is for Signly to provide solutions for health, travel, leisure and the civic sector and to deliver a nationally significant movement toward equality of access to information enabling organisations to meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

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Chief Executive - Helen Lansdown, BA (Hons) (former English Graduate of the University of Reading) |

Deafax, ITEC Research & Development Enterprises, Rooms E3 & E4 TOB 1, Earley Gate, University of Reading, Whiteknights Rd, Reading, Berkshire.UK RG6 7BE

Director of Innovation, Research & Development

Ken Carter-DLC (Hons), Cert.Ed. Cert. Deaf. Ed. B.Sc. M.Sc. FRSM

Telephone: +44 (0)118 966 3777

Deafax, ITEC Research & Development Enterprises, Rooms E3 & E4 TOBI, Earley Gate, University of Reading, Whiteknights Rd, Reading, Berkshire.UK RG6 7BE

Founder of: Deafax- (; AACT-(; Decibels(; One of the founding Trustee/Directors of the following: Breakthrough/DeafPlus (; Ability2Access (; Specialkidz (; Deaf Aspirations (; EASiTEC (; Deaf Sports & Football Foundation (; GOALS4LIFE (Global Online Assisted Learning & Support-

Deafax is a U.K. Registered Charity (No:1095398) & Company Limited by Guarantee (No:4586634)

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Ken Carter
Director of Research

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