The Reading Partnership Mentor

At Reading we train teachers who become reflective professionals able to secure the very best for all children. We support them to be resilient, creative and inclusive. With the highest expectations of learning, progress and development, they inspire children to become confident, active citizens who are able to cope with the fast-moving demands of the 21st century.

We are delighted that you will be working with us as a Reading Partnership Mentor.

'It's a journey that you take as well - the same as thestudent is on a journey - lots of reflection that you have to do and a lot that you learn as you go along and you develop with time - its exciting, challenging, demanding but worthwhile'Reading Partnership Mentor

Mentor Standards

Published July 2016

Mentor Standards

Mentor certification

Please click on the link below to access further details about certification and CPD for Reading Partnership Mentors

Reading Partnership Mentor Certification

Resources to support you as a Reading Partnership Mentor

Active listening

Some suggestions to support the development of active listening can be found on the attached document:

Active listening


Some suggestions to support purposeful questioning can be found on the attached document:

Questions to support mentor discussions

The Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (Curee) have published a National Framework for Mentoring and Coaching.   These useful resources can be accessed here:

Please access programme specific documentation here:

Primary PGCE


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