Staff Profile:Professor Viv Edwards

Professor Viv Edwards
Job Title:

University responsibilities:

Post-Graduate Research Sub-Committee, Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Advisory Group.

Main responsibilities at the Institute of Education:

Director, National Centre for Language and Literacy.

Research Committee

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Teaching: Supervision of Higher Degree by Research students.

Areas of Interest:

Areas of Expertise and research interest:

  • Linguistic diversity
  • language and education
  • language in multilingual classrooms
  • literacy in developing countries
  • minority languages
  • bilingualism
  • professional development of teachers

Current and recent Research Students:

  • Onyedikachi Abiodan-Ekus: The education of Deaf children in Nigeria with special attention to literacy learning;
  • Nayr Ibrahim: Attitudes towards multilingualism in children;
  • Xiaorang Zhang: Effects of residential courses in the UK on the continuing professional development of Chinese teachers of English and educational change in Western provinces in China;
  • Naom Nyarigoti: The professional development of English teachers in Kenya;
  • Marriote Ngwaru: Literacy and learning at home and school in a rural Zimbabwean community;
  • Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa: Textbooks, classroom communication and literacy development in a multilingual school in Ghana;
  • Barbara Graham: Pokomo Mother Tongue Education in Kenya: Implementation and Evaluations;
  • Moon Seong Hye: An ethnographic case study of Korean soujourner families: languages, identities, cultures and practices.

Current and recent Research Projects:

The impact of training on the classroom practice of Chinese secondary teachers of English:
Evaluation of a UK programme. British Council English Language Teaching Research award.

Interdisciplinary perspectives on African language materials for children. Leverhulme Trust:]

Meeting the needs of Chinese Students in British Higher Education. Sino-British Foundation.


Research groups / Centres:

National Centre for Language and Literacy; Second Language Research group.

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Recent conference keynote presentations

Multilingualism in the English-speaking world: opportunities for East-West dialogue. 3rd "Engaging with Vietnam - An Interdisciplinary Dialogue" Conference, Hanoi, December 3-5, 2011.

Literacy across languages. CILT Cymru Conference on 'Making the link: literacy across languages', 1 July 2011.

All teachers are teachers of literacy. SEWCTET Annual Mentor Conference, University of Wales, Newport, 7 July 2011.

Globalization and multilingualism: the case of the UK. 16th International Conference of the Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS) on Culture, Communication and Adaptation in Global Context. June 18-20, 2010 in Guangzhou, China.

Enterprise activity; external roles and consultancy:

Evaluation of The 3Rs Project: Creating Literate School Communities project funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in South Africa.

Roma children in Croatia: linguistic needs and rights:

Evaluation of the National Year of Reading in Wales:

Culture of Reading: Evaluation of a key programme of PRAESA


Professor Viv Edwards

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