Staff Profile:Dr Maria Danos

Dr Maria Danos
Job Title:
Lecturer in Early Childhood Care and Education

University Responsibilities:

  • Teaching and assessing on Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes
  • Programme Director for BA in Children's Development and Learning (BA CDL)
  • Curriculum Framework and Student Engagement (2017-2018 CQSD secondment)
  • Programme Directors Community of Practice
  • Graduate School Researcher Development Programme

Institute of Education Responsibilities:

  • Teaching (BA, MA and PhD)
  • Research
  • Module Convenor for BA CDL
  • Supervision in early years settings and school placements
  • MA, PhD and EdD supervisions
  • UG Board of Studies and Young People and Children and Workforce Steering Group
  • Institute of Education Researcher Development Programme


  • BA in Children's Development and Learning (BA CDL)
  • Early Years Teaching Status (EYTS)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Early Years Practice (PGC EYP)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Primary (PGCE)
  • BA in Education (BA Ed)
  • PhD, EdD and MA supervision
Areas of Interest:

Research Interests - MA, PhD and EdD Supervision offered on topics related to the early years education (0-8 years old). More specific interests include:

  • Gender differences and stereotypes
  • Play and play based learning
  • Parental Involvement and Partnerships
  • Teaching and Learning Science: Children's misconceptions in science
  • Learning and development - Learning theories and pedagogies
  • Children and staff interactions for learning and development
  • Professional development and teacher training

PhD, EdD and MA students:

  • Mohammed Alshaikhi (PhD supervision: 2015-current): Investigating the Effectiveness of Using Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) to Develop English Vocabulary as a Foreign Language in English Primary Classrooms in Saudi.
  • Jassim Alazemi (PhD supervision: 2015-current): The perceptions of classroom teachers and school leaders about the effectiveness of the ongoing policy reform (2005-2015) in Kuwait.
  • Sheralee Verdi (EdD supervision: 2016–current): Practitioners’ understanding of using extrinsic motivation with children in the foundation stage and its effects on their learning and well-being.
  • Marian Ogbeide (MA supervision: 2016 completed): Parents' and Teachers' Views about School Readiness. Graduated with Distinction. Wei Zhang (Ma supervision – 2017): Understanding parents’ motivations in providing private supplementary tutoring for their children in China.
  • Florence Hamshare (MA supervision: 2017): What motivates children to learn and how this affects different sub groups in their school-based learning.
Research groups / Centres:
  • Improving Equity and Inclusion through Education (IEIE)
  • EECERA SIG Gender Balance Special Interest Group
  • Honorary Research Fellow of the Early Childhood Research Centre member (ECRC – University of Roehampton)
  • OMEP member (World Organisation for Early Childhood Education)
  • ASE member (The Association of Science Education)
  • ESERA member (European Science Education Research Association)
  • IFL member (Institute for Learning)

Funded Research Projects:

  • Froebel Trust Grant £19,500 (November 2016 - January 2018), Principal Investigator: 4Ps- Project: Practitioners & Parents Play Partnership: Strengthening practitioner-parent collaboration through the use of CPD and play built on Froebelian principles and pedagogy. (Co-Investigators: Dr Myria Pieridou (Open University), Dr Suzanne Quinn-Flannery (Roehampton University), Mrs Teresa Wilson (University of Reading), Dr Geoff Taggart (University of Reading), Ms Jo Elsey (University of Reading), Dr Anna Tsakalaki (University of Reading).
  • Researcher Links Workshop Grants £37,550 (June, 2017), Mentor for Workshop on: Gender Issues in STEM Education Workshop. Principal Investigators: Paul Hernandez-Martinez (Loughborough University) and Angeles Dominguez (Tecnologico de Monterrey)
  • Reading Teaching and Learning Award £500 (2015 - 2016), Co-Investigator: Tackling Stereotypes, sexism and unconscious biases in teaching and learning (Principal Investigator: Dr Karen Jones, University of Reading).
  • Reading Internal Project (2015-2016) with financial support from the Director of Research Principal Investigator: Children's Play-based Learning Opportunities in the Early Years and the potential Gender and Socio-economic Differences (Co-Investigators: Dr Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai and Dr Myria Pieridou – £100 Award: Runners Ups for Research Collaboration Award 2016 - University of Reading).
  • Santander Funded Project £8,889 (2015-16 & 2014-2015), Co-Investigator: Learning Greek vocabulary as an additional language through drama techniques Phase 1 (£4,021): Evaluate the effects of employing drama for the teaching of Greek vocabulary to a group of early years (English) children Phase 2 (£4,868): Teachers' perceptions and Teacher-Training (Principal Investigator - Dr Myria Pieridou, Open University).
  • Kingston Funded Project £3,000 (2013-15), Co-Investigator: Identifying young children's (2-5 years) ecological concepts aiming to build a website for practitioners focusing on teaching about the environment (Principal Investigator - Dr Michael Allen, Kingston University).

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

  • Ravanis, K, Kambouri-Danos, M, Boilevin, J.M., & Jameau, A. (in process). The water state changes in 6 years old children's thinking. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.
  • Kambouri-Danos, Pieridou, M., & Tsakalaki, A. (under review). Exploring gender and play differences and the implications on children's opportunities for learning in the early years. Journal of Early Childhood Research.
  • Pieridou, M. & Kambouri-Danos, M (under review). The use of drama techniques as communicative approach to teaching Greek vocabulary for children with Greek as a second language, Theory and Research in Education. (original in Greek).
  • Pieridou, M. & Kambouri-Danos. M. (under review). 'Encounters' Resulting from Implementing Qualitative Research in Educational Settings: Reflections of Two Early Career Researchers. Journal of Research and Method in Education.
  • Allen, M. & Kambouri-Danos, M. (2016). Substantive conceptual development in preschool science: contemporary issues and future directions. Early Child Development and Care:
  • Olteanu, A., Kambouri, M., & Stables, A. (2016). Predicating from an Early Age: Edusemiotics and the Potential of Children's Preconceptions. Studies in Philosophy and Education. 35(3), p1-20. DOI: 10.1007/s11217-016-9526-3
  • Kambouri, M., Pampoulou, S. E., Pieridou, M., and Allen, M. (2016). Science Learning and Graphic Symbols: An Exploration of Early Years Teachers' Views And Use of Graphic Symbols When Teaching Science. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology, 12(9), 1-19. DOI: 10.12973/eurasia.2016.1275a
  • Kambouri, M. (2015). Investigating Early Years Teachers' Understanding and Response to Children's Preconceptions. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal. 25(3). DOI: 10.1080/1350293X.2014.970857
  • Kambouri, M. & Michaelides. A. (2015). Dramatic Water: Using a Drama-Based approach to science in the early years. Primary Science Journal, 135(10-12).
  • Kambouri, M. & Michaelides, A. (2014). Using Drama Techniques for the Teaching of Early Years Science: A Case Study. Journal of Emergent Science. (7), 7-14.
  • Kambouri, M. (2011). Children's Misconceptions and the Teaching of Early Years Science: A Case Study. Journal of Emergent Science, 2(2), 7-16.

Book Chapters and Other Publications

  • Olteanu, A., & Kambouri-Danos, M. (2016). Experiential nature: Learning by living. Book chapter in Strand, T., Smith, R., Pirrie, A., Gregoriou, Z., & Papastephanou, M. (Ed.) Philosophy as Interplay and Dialogue: viewing landscapes within philosophy of education. Oslo: LIT Verlag.
  • Kambouri, M. & Pieridou, M. (2016). Symbols and their use in Early Years Science. The Journal of Early Years Educator.
  • Kambouri, M. (2015). Children's preconceptions of science: How these can be used in teaching. The Journal of Early Years Educator. 16(11), 38 - 44.
  • Kambouri, M. (2012). Children's Misconceptions and a Look on How Teachers Respond to them. WIEGA Journal, 5(1),41-53.
  • Kambouri, M. (2012). Review: The Educational System in Cyprus. WIEGA Journal, 5(1),57-67.

Conference Publications

  • Kambouri-Danos, M. & Pieridou, M. (2017). Using drama for the teaching of science vocabulary, in the early years, to children with Greek as a second language, Proceedings of the SECE conference (original in Greek).
  • Kambouri, M. & Briggs, M. (2013). The teaching of science in the early years: Do early years teachers identify children's preconceptions. Proceeding of the ESERA conference 2013: ESERA e-Book Edition.
  • Kambouri, M. (2012). Identification of alternative ideas in Early Years Natural Sciences (original in Greek) Special Edition of the: 7th Proceeding of the Panhellenic Conference in Science and Early Childhood Education.
  • Kambouri, M. (2011). Teachers and children's misconceptions in science. Proceeding of the BERA conference 2011, BEI's Education-line collection (available online here).
  • Kambouri, M. (2010). Teachers' Responses to Young Children's Preconceptions in Science. Proceedings of the 2010 Conference: Education Researchers: Diverse Experiences and Perspectives, Birmingham, UK, July 4th.
  • Kambouri, M. (2009). Teachers' Perceptions of Children's Misconceptions in Science and their Response. Proceedings of the 2009 Conference: Educational Researchers: Research or Change?, Birmingham, UK, July 10th.
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Enterprise Activity, External Roles and Consultancy:

  • Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy
  • External Examiner for BA Early Childhood Studies course - Middlesex University
  • External Examiner for BA Early Childhood Studies course – Winchester University
  • Journal Reviewer for European Early Childhood Research Journal
  • Journal Reviewer for Journal of Research in Childhood Education
  • Journal Reviewer for Journal of Emergent Science Reviewer

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