Staff Profile:Professor Jeanine Treffers-Daller

Professor Jeanine Treffers-Daller
Job Title:
Professor of Second Language Education

University Responsibilities:

Director of the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism

Institute of Education Responsibilities:

Member of the research group Language and Literacy in Education; member of the Ethics Committee, Co-Director of the MA in English Language Education.

Areas of Interest:

Expertise and Research Interest:

  • Bilingualism and Language Contact (code-switching, borrowing, transfer and contact-induced change, measuring bilingual language proficiency in bilinguals/heritage speakers, language dominance).
  • Second Language Acquisition (the expression of motion by second language learners, vocabulary learning and teaching, lexical richness, native-like selection of lexical items in bilinguals and L2 learners, statistical learning, automated assessment of vocabulary learning in writing, CEFR, formulaic language).

Masters Level Supervision offered in these areas:

  • Assessing incidental vocabulary learning by Chinese EFL learners: a test of the Involvement Load Hypothesis.
  • English vocabulary knowledge of asylum seekers.
  • The effect of speech rate on English listening comprehension development among grade one students in a Chinese high school.
  • Bilingual Exposure and Language Acquisition: the impact of the parental input on bilingual children's language development in English.
  • Using category fluency tests and semantic fluency tests to measure language ability in bilinguals.
  • The effect of processing instruction on Chinese learners' acquisition of English counterfactual sentences.
  • Forward transfer in L2 writing: The case of Chinese ESL learners in a secondary school.

PhD and EdD Supervision offered in these areas:

  • Automated assessment of vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary learning and teaching (including formulaic sequences).
  • Motion event cognition.
  • Language dominance in bilinguals and second language learning.
  • Lexical richness.
  • Corpus linguistics.
  • For further details, see my research interests.

Current and Recent PhD Students, with Topics/Titles of their Research:

  • Sally Alghamdi: The effect of using spaced repetition on vocabulary retention in English for second language learners.
  • Reham Alkhudiry: Investigating the relationship between vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension.
  • Anthony Attwood: Teaching and Learning the expression of motion events in English.
  • Evelyn Egger: Biliteracy development in bilingual children: Effects on language and cognition.
  • Julia Hofweber: The impact of code-switching on bilinguals' performance at cognitive control tasks.
  • Arjen de Korte: The role of grammar teaching in Second Language Acquisition.
  • Zdislava Šišková: Lexical Richness and Textual Cohesion in Free Written Production of Slavic EFL Learners (completed 2015).
  • Yun Wang: Explaining listening comprehension among non-English major university students: the impact of text characteristics, interlocutor characteristics, task characteristics, listener characteristics and process characteristics.

Current and Recent Research Projects:

  • Incidental acquisition among Chinese learners of English.
  • The role of statistical learning in the acquisition of motion event construals.
  • Language ability of Turkish heritage speakers and returnees.
  • Formulaic language in bilinguals and second language learners.
  • Automated assessment of lexical diversity and n-grams in essays of test takers of the Pearson Test of English Academic (Autovocab) (funded by Pearson).
Research groups / Centres:
  • Language and Literacy in Education.
  • Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism.
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    Conference Presentations:

    • Brussels (Belgium). April 2016. Invited speaker at the Symposium on Translanguaging in Multilingual Urban Settings.
    • Sheffield (UK). January 2016. Invited speaker at the Workshop Perspectives on making language meaningful in the language learning context".
    • Aix-en-Provence (France). August 2015. Eurosla. Discussant at the Language Learning Round Table on Second Language Acquisition and Pidginization / Creolization: Processes and Models.
    • Nijmegen (the Netherlands), 11-13 September, 2015. Invited keynote speaker at the Third Learner Corpus Research Conference.
    • Trondheim (Norway), August 2015. Invited keynote speaker at SALC5 (The Fifth Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition, Trondheim (Norway).
    • Essex (UK). July 2015. At home in more than two languages. Communication strategies and language practices of multilingual families. Thinking home Symposium.
    • Swansea (UK). July 2015. How does vocabulary knowledge affect academic achievement among HE students? Vocabulary SIG, British Association for Applied Linguistics.
    • Thessaloniki (Greece), 24-26 April 2015. Invited plenary speaker at the 22nd Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.
    • Yangling (China). April 2015. What's in a word? Invited speaker, Foreign Language Department of Northwest A&F University, Yangling (Xian Province).
    • Bristol University, Graduate School of Education, 5th December 2014. Evaluating vocabulary usage in student essays written for the Pearson Test of English Academic: Can we predict CEFR levels?.
    • Trondheim (Norway), 6th November 2014. Learning out of the corner of your ear: the role of statistical learning in L2 acquisition.
    • Lille, 20-21 June 2014, Aspectual markers in motion event constuals among English and Italian monolinguals and Italian-English bilinguals. Langacross conference (with Jacqueline Laws and Eliana Mastrantuono).
    • Amsterdam, 21 February 2014. ACLC. The impact of reading and vocabulary on academic achievement.
    • Brussels, 10th January 2014.Contact-induced change in grammatical collocations in Brussels French. Workshop French as spoken in Brussels. Facultés Universitaires St Louis in Brussels.

    Any Further Information:

    Enterprise Activity, External Roles and Consultancy:

    •  Member of the ESRC peer review College.
    • Treasurer of the University Council for General and Applied Linguistics.
    Professor Jeanine Treffers-Daller

    Contact Details

    +44 (0) 118 378 2690

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