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  • Engaging Students in Research and Enquiry within the Curriculum. Project leader: Professor Elizabeth McCrum. This TLDF-funded project builds on the legacy of CETL-AURS and the work of the Showcasing Undergraduate Research Group. It aims to explore current thinking about research and enquiry in the curriculum amongst academic staff at the University of Reading, as well as to identify existing practice in relation to undergraduate curricula.
  • German, the Germans and Germany: discursive representation in UK school settings and the press. (PhD project). This project explores how German* is conceptualised and represented in public and private discourses, and the relationship with learner motivation. Supervisors: Professor Suzanne Graham and Dr. Melani SchrÓ§ter. Read more about me and my project on my blog.
  • Joining up German Teaching in the UK. This project is part of the Oxford German Network, a university-led cultural network. If you are a German teacher (from primary through to university level) and would like to help shape the future of German teaching in the UK, please fill in your details here.

Recent Projects:

  • An Evaluation of Computer-based Systems of Peer Assessment used in Group work. Project leader: Cathy Hughes. For more details and to download the report please see this 'Engage in Teaching and Learning' blog post.
  • Professional Development Consortium in MFL. Principal Investigator: Suzanne Graham. Supported by the ESRC Follow-on Fund, this joint project between the universities of Reading and Oxford aimed to close the divide between what research indicates are the principles of effective language teaching and learning, and current practice within the MFL curriculum. For more details see the project blog.
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