Staff Profile:Dr Fiona Curtis

Dr Fiona Curtis
Job Title:

Institute of Education Responsibilities:

  • Subject leader in Secondary Maths ITT
  • Professional studies tutor in Secondary ITT
  • PhD and EdD supervisor
  • Module leader on Maths SKE course
  • Lecturer on BAEd and MA courses
Areas of Interest:

Expertise and Research Interest:

  • How children learn maths, particularly algebra.
  • Children's affective responses in the classroom.
  • Gender differences in the take up of STEM subjects.
  • Gender differences in cross-curricular approaches.
  • Alternative approaches to teaching, including use of comic books.
  • Learning and cognitive conflict

Masters Level Supervision offered in these areas:

  • Pedagogical approaches
  • Maths teaching and learning
  • Gender differences

PhD and EdD Level Supervision offered in these areas:

  • Pedagogical approaches
  • Maths teaching and learning
  • Gender differences

Current and Recent PhD and EdD Students, with Topics/Titles of their Research:

  • A. Alatiq – female teacher attitudes to change in Saudi Arabian schools
  • U. Amir – methods of teaching science in primary education in the public schools of Pakistan
  • M. Pawson – effectiveness of teacher appraisal strategies
  • S. Piscopo – CPD into teaching of mathematics in Maltese primary schools

Current and Recent Research Projects:

  • N. Trakulphadetkrai, L. Courtenay (University of Reading) investigating use of alternatives to traditional statistics textbooks
  • M. Della Giusta, G. Razzu, Y. Dimitriadi (University of Reading) investigating gender differences in student experiences of GCSE maths
  • S. French (Winston Churchill School, Woking), A. Sproat (Wellington College) investigating implementation of Harkness independent learning in schools
Research groups / Centres:
  • Member of BERA SIG: Mathematics in Education
  • Member of BRSLM
  • Member of ATM regional committee
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Further Publications:

Curtis, F., Dimitriadi, Y., Della Giusta, M., & Razzu, G. (2017). Constructivist principles in learning mathematics: Pi in the sky? Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics, 37, (2).

Conference Presentations:

  • Curtis, F. (2015). Challenge: Always a good thing? An investigation into the affective impact of excessive challenge. British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics conference, University of Durham, 6 June.
  • Curtis, F (2015). Keeping it real: An action research investigation into using manipulatives to teach algebra. British Educational Research Association, University of Belfast, 15-17 September.

Any Further Information:

Enterprise Activity, External Roles and Consultancy:

April 2015. Presentation and workshops with potential PhD students at University of Tlemcen, Algeria.

Professional Preparation:

  • University of Reading Education Ed.D., 2015
  • University of Reading Education M.A., 2009
  • University of Manchester Management Science B.Sc., 1984

Fiona Curtis is subject leader of Secondary Maths Initial Teacher Training, deputy director of the Educational Doctorate programme, and teaches on various other undergraduate, masters and doctoral education programmes. She has worked as a maths teacher in secondary schools for 15 years and is particularly interested in how children learn mathematics, and how emotional and motivational factors inhibit or promote their learning.

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