Staff Profile:

Mrs Caroline Guard
Job Title:
36909 EYPS Assessor

Main responsibilities at the Institute of Education:

  • Teaching on Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in Early Education
  • Supervision for BA CDL Dissertations
  • Assessment and Supervision of EYT students in early years and school placements


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Early Years Practice
  • BA CDL – All modules
  • Early Years Initial Teacher Training Programmes: Graduate Entry Mainstream: Graduate Entry Employment-Based
  • Contribute to Foundation Degree Children's Development and Learning
Areas of Interest:

Expertise and research interest:

  • Early Relationships and Attachment
  • Intentional communication in infancy
  • Infant mental health
  • The development of Primary and Secondary Intersubjectivity
  • Emotional development and wellbeing in the earliest years – specifically the emergence of secondary emotions including pride and shame in infancy
  • Role voicing in play – episodic voicing through small world play
  • Symbolic representation and mark making
  • The evolvement of the notion of ‘childhood’
Research groups / Centres:

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