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Economics lies at the heart of the modern world and is a subject critical to both business success and effective policy making, never more so than at the present moment. In studying undergraduate economics at Reading you will explore and understand the increasingly critical economic and related issues that dominate the news agenda and shape the world in which we live.

Economics as a subject is concerned with the production and distribution of wealth at both a micro (individual and market) and macro (national economy) level. Almost all issues of public and private policy involve economics and so do your own personal decisions. From the 'credit crunch' and recession to the housing market and interest rates, from unemployment and inflation to market competitiveness and industry outputs, economic forces play a key role in our daily lives. See more on why study Economics at Reading.

Undergraduate Economics degree courses

A leading range of undergraduate degree courses in economics, for those who have and have not previously studied the subject. Focus on economics as a single undergraduate subject, or combine it with a second option to complete a joint honours degree.

Single honours

Undergraduate degree courses taught entirely within the Department of Economics:

Undergraduate degree course UCAS code  Typical offer 
BA Economics (New) Information Flier L101 ABB
BSc Economics L100  ABB 
BSc Economics and Finance (New) Information Flier LN13 AAB
BSc Business Economics L113  ABB
BSc Economics and Econometrics                                        L140                   ABB   

Joint honours

Undergraduate degree courses taught in conjunction with other schools and departments:

Undergraduate degree course UCAS code  Typical offer 
BSc Accounting and Economics LN14 See course page
BA Politics and Economics LL12 See course page
BA International Relations and Economics LL21 See course page
BA History and Economics LV11  See course page
BA French and Economics  LR11  See course page 
BA German and Economics LR12  See course page 
BA Italian and Economics LR13  See course page 
BSc Geography and Economics LL17  See course page
BSc Mathematics and Economics GL11  See course page 
 LV12 See course page

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