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Pensions and Pension Policy after the Recent Financial Crisis

Organised jointly by the Centre for Institutional Performance and the Economic Analysis Research Group at the University of Reading
This workshop supports the University of Reading Research Strategy Theme 'Prosperity and Resilience'


Date: 9 am - 4:50 pm, Friday 27 March 2015

Venue: University of Reading, Henley Business School, Room G10


Workshop organisers: Fang Xu, Kerry Patterson and Mark Casson

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The financial crisis of 2007/8 changed the 'architecture' of pension planning and provision. OECD pension funds suffered a 20% reduction in asset values in the first 10 months of 2008, and the period since then has been one of slow recovery with unprecedentedly low interest rates. These shocks are then transmitted to the financial sector, more generally, and the real sector. This workshop considers some of the developments affecting the pensions industry that have arisen in the 'post-shock' environment.

Among the issues to be discussed are: Can forecasts of stock returns be 'robustified' to meet the challenge of structural breaks?; How should the pensions industry be regulated?; Can and should pension funds be used to provide finance for infrastructure development?; Should the pension industry be reformed?. The workshop brings together experts from a range of relevant disciplines including econometrics, finance and pension planning.


Speakers include

Bernard Casey, University of Warwick. Download summary

Sharon Collard, Open University. Download slides

Phil Davis, National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Click to download paper and download slides

Liam Foster, University of Sheffield. Download slides

Jay Ginn, King's College, University of London. Download slides

Ian Tonks, University of Bath. Download slides

Andrew Vivian, University of Loughborough. Download paper

Fang Xu, University of Reading. Download paper


Attending the workshop

Whilst there is no charge for attendance at this workshop, please register early to secure a place. Please contact Aleiah Potter by email Lunch, teas and coffees are included in the workshop. If you have special dietary needs please advise Aleiah Potter.

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