Representatives of Kainar University Visited Reading University as Part of the British Council INSPIRE Project

In the summer of 2011 representatives of Kainar University visited their partners at Reading University as part of the British Council INSPIRE project and aimed at strengthening academic and research collaboration between universities in Kazakhstan and UK. Within the visit British-Kazakh Society hosted a seminar on "Local Content Development in Kazakhstan" in the House of Lords. The government of Kazakhstan is increasingly concerned with ensuring that existing natural resource endowments generate wider economic benefits and the policy of loINSPIRE300cal content development is one of its priorities. The seminar was addressed by H.E. K. Abusseitov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the UK and by Lord Fraser of Carmyllie ,Q.C. the Chairman of the British-Kazakh Society.

The keynote speaker of the seminar Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova (who is head of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies at Reading University) presented the results of the study which was done by the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies and Kainar University on the main aspects of the local content policy in Kazakhstan. This study is supported by the INSIRE project of the British Council. The speakers included Mr Nigel Gould-Davies, VP Policy and Corporate Affairs, BG Kazakhstan, Mr Julian Lee, The Centre for Global Energy Studies, and Mr Peter Ormerod, Vice President of Strategic Opportunities, Promethean. Professor Yerengaip Omarov, Rector of Kainar University, Professor Abdizhapar Saparbayev, Head of Economic Faculty of Kainar University and Dr Christian Nygaard of The Centre for Euro-Asian Studies, the University of Reading took part at the discussion and formulation of the policy recommendations. It was a wide participation of the leading businessmen, academics and policy formers at the seminar. The main findings and conclusions of the discussion were passed to the Kazakh National State Agency on Local Content Development. It was a very interesting and fruitful event.

Grant Awarded

The 2009 round of strategic partnership INSPIRE (British Council) resulted in a grant for the collaboration between Kainar University and The Centre for Euro-Asian Studies (CEAS), University of Reading in the area of climate change (Project title - 'Environmental attitudes and impacts on Local Content Policy formation in Kazakhstan'). This project analyses state-civil society interaction and policy accountability in Kazakhstan. Specifically, the project examines how environmental attitudes across different state-civil society segments are articulated and enacted in the local content policy formation process.

A comparative institutional analysis is utilised to test theories of natural resource rent extraction and circulation and their relationship to environmental and local content policies. Population surveys and key actor interviews are conducted to provide objective specific data. The environment-'local content' focus aims to combine a number of external and internal policy factors and will reveal additional generalisable insights into state-civil society interaction in Kazakhstan. Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova is the UK team leader.

Update - 30 May 2010

Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Dr Christian Nygaard and Stela Cani of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies (CEAS) have visited Kazakhstan as a first step in implementation of the INSPIRE project together with Kainar University (Almaty). During the visit the pilot questionnaire was set up in collaboration with the Kazakhstani Statistical Agency. This questionnaire will be used in investigation of the attitudes towards local content and environmental issues of households and oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan. While in Kazakhstan, Professor Kalyuzhnova made a number of presentations on local content issues at the Kainar University and other educational institutions of Almaty and Astana.


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