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Wellbeing affects an individual's experience while at university and at work, having important implications for students' productivity while in tertiary education and on their future employability after university. Students in higher education are in transition - from childhood to adulthood, from dependence on parents to independence - and they are at the point of making decisions which will affect their futures. The scope for intervention is thus both wider and more likely to lead to long lasting changes translating into better life attainments across a range of domains that extend beyond university and the workplace.

The Student Wellbeing Project was set up in 2011 to study how student wellbeing, performance, productivity and satisfaction with university provision are related. Our project aims not just to better understand these links, but also to help both students and university services better tackle problems as they arise.

We are building a longitudinal dataset, surveying undergraduate students on a termly basis. We also carry out focus groups to gain greater insights into their experiences and wellbeing. We are in the process of developing an App that will be used to capture student wellbeing through a variety of means.

On 15th June 2015, we are holding a day-long titled "Student Wellbeing in Tertiary Education" which will bring together academics, practitioners and policy makers. If you are interested in attending, please contact with our events co-ordinator, Aleiah Potter (

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