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We provide a range of templates for creating day-to-day documents. All files are for use in use in Microsoft Office, although they will also work other applications such as Open Office or Apple iWork. Unfortunately, we can only offer technical support for Microsoft Office users (on PC or Mac).


We have four different letter templates. Which one you use will depend on whether you are printing on blank paper or some kind of pre-printed stationery paper. A full explanation of the differences, along with instructions on getting the most out of the templates, is included in the guidelines PDF below.

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Stationery guidelines .pdf (452kb)  n/a
Letter A .dot (192kb)  .dotx (175kb)
Letter B .dot (72kb)  .dotx (19kb)
Letter C .dot (48kb)  .dotx (18kb)
Letter D .dot (188kb)  .dotx (95kb)
Fax .dot (188kb)  .dotx (176kb)
Memo .dot (184kb)  .dotx (95kb)

Standard report-type documents

   Reading  Henley
Generic A4 document (black & white) .dot (208kb)  .dotx (98kb)
Generic A4 document (colour)  n/a   .dotx (89kb)
Generic A4 document (ladscape) n/a   .dotx (89kb)


Announcements and display notices

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A5 flyer .dot (176kb) .dotx (169kb)
A5 flyer with picture .dot (200kb) .dotx (196kb)
A5 flyer (colour)  n/a  .dotx (91kb) 
A5 flyer with picture (colour)  n/a  .dotx (6mb) 
A4 poster .dot (180kb) .dotx (170kb)
A4 poster with picture .dot (208kb) .dotx (196kb)
A4 poster (colour)  n/a  .dotx (85kb) 
A4 poster with picture (colour)  n/a  .dotx (113kb) 
A4 poster for events n/a .dotx (40kb) 
Simple newsletter .dot (232kb) .dotx (156kb)

Slideshow presentations in Powerpoint

Standard slideshows are general purpose, but with a focus on promotional and student-facing use. Corporate slideshows are for internal use, or presenting on corporate (rather than educational) topics.

  Reading Henley 
Guidelines for slideshows .pdf (576kb) n/a
Standard slideshow (white slides) .pot (392kb) .potm (369kb) 
Standard slideshow (coloured slides)  .pot (388kb) n/a
Corporate slideshow with University 'R' (white slides) .pot (448kb) n/a
Corporate slideshow with University 'R' (coloured slides) .pot (432kb) n/a

Simple certificates

These can be printed from your own desktop printer onto card. Click here to see the range of simple certificate templates available to download.


Research and conference posters in PowerPoint

For details of posters and templates, please visit: Research and conference posters


Subject brochure templates in Microsoft Word

These should be used to prepare copy for undergraduate and postgraduate subject brochures. Once your copy is ready, place your design through one of the approved routes.

   Reading Henley 
 Undergraduate subject brochure copy template .doc (88kb)  n/a
 Postgraduate subject brochure copy template .dot (96kb)  n/a


Subject poster template in Microsoft Word

This should be used to prepare copy for subject poster boards, for use at Open Days. Once your copy is ready, contact us to place your order.

  Reading Henley 
Subject poster copy template .dot (404kb) n/a

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