What we do

In a more competitive higher education environment, our communications must work harder to attract students, secure research funding and achieve the University's goals.

This is where great design comes in. Used consistently and creatively, we can use our visual identity to transform how our audiences view the University and what we do.

Our designers will listen to your needs and work with you to produce materials that establish favourable, professional, and consistent impressions in the minds of your audience.

Get in touch

For most design projects, you can come straight to CPS for advice and an estimate. You can fill out our briefing form to make an enquiry. You can also email or call us on 8085.

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Contact us

  • cps@reading.ac.uk
  • 0118 378 8085
  • Print Workshop location: TOB2, Earley Gate, Whiteknights (Building 21)
  • Design Studio location: L027, London Road

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