Research themes

Research themes at the Design Innovation Research Centre

Work in the laboratory involves clusters of PhD and post-doc projects within 2 research themes; and a third workstream around the open laboratory and its engagement.

Theme 1: Science of design

The aim of this work is to transform understanding of design innovation on major engineering projects and programmes. The team is developing a repository to capture international best-practice, collating case studies of how major international building and infrastructure projects use advanced digital tools and processes.

Further information on the science of design 

Theme 2: Engineering solutions

The aim of this work is to develop hybrid digital and physical engineering solutions and trial these tools and processes in hypothetical and real-life engineering contexts. Rapid developments in 3D visual interfaces are harnessed to enable intuitive visualisation of digital models in physical design environments, focusing designers' attention and allowing them to engage creatively.

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Theme 3: Open laboratory and its engagement

All members of the Centre will be involved in work that uses the digital and physical infrastructure to validate findings through wider participation; develop skills of the team; and enthuse younger members of society through hands-on activities. Get involved.

The Centre brings together researchers from engineering, management and information technology. As well as the core members we have a network of industrial partners and international associates.

Further information on open laboratory and its engagement

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