Dr Maxwell Parfitt

Job Title:

Research Fellow

Areas of Interest:

Maxwell's research specialises in the application of computer visualisation technology to BIM (Building Information Modelling) to enable end users and designers to physically stand within a virtual model of a building before the first brick has been laid. The virtual environment Maxwell uses for research, the CAVE (www.cave.reading.ac.uk) gives a fully immersive 3D experience to the user and has been developed to run under Windows and Linux. Maxwell's research also expands the use of mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS, for augmented reality within the CAVE system to increase asset visualisation.


As a Research Fellow in the Design Innovation Research Centre, Maxwell Parfitt is responsible for continued research into new visualisation techniques for BIM and CAD data, concentrating specifically on building a repository of models to inform and teach future students within SCME (School of Construction Management and Engineering) about BIM and asset management through visualisation. Other responsibilities include effective management and upgrade of existing visualisation facilities, design of new visualisation equipment and tools, supervision of placement students and consultation with external partners.

Background Information:

Maxwell received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Reading (2013), where he also completed an MRes in Advanced Robotics Design (2008) and his BSc in Cybernetics and Computer Science (2007). During his doctoral studies, Maxwell taught Undergraduate courses in Cybernetics and Circuits, Robotics, Virtual Reality and Programming. Maxwell has been working with the Open Source Community for 3D printing and has developed a range of technologies with applications in Space Robotics and Magnetic Field Analysis.

E-mail Dr Max Parfitt at: m.r.parfitt@reading.ac.uk 

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