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Areas of Interest:

As a paleoclimatologist I am working on a variety of climate archives, including speleothems (stalagmites, flowstones), lacustrine sediments, spring carbonates and corals. The ultimate goal of my research is to construct precisely-dated and highly-resolved time series that provide new insights into climatic and environmental processes over a variety of timescales, ranging from seasonal to glacial/interglacial cycles. One particular aspect of my current and future research is to develop Holocene records that can provide information on climatic and environmental changes in unprecedented detail. Such records are crucial for interpreting archaeological findings and societal changes. It is therefore not surprising that my research interests and experience span a wide range of topics from paleoclimate, geochemistry, meteorology to archaeology and climate modelling. Because of the strong interdisciplinary nature of my research, I have developed a rich network of national and international collaborations.

  • Holocene climate variability in Europe and the Middle East
  • Impact of abrupt climatic events on societies
  • Timing and nature of abrupt climatic events (e.g. Dansgaard-Oeschger events)
  • Climate and Human dispersal (Out of Africa II)

Postgraduate supervision:

Dominik currently supervises five postgraduate students.

  • Matthew Bosomworth: Early to Mid Holocene climate and its impact on the development of the Neolithic in Iraq and Iran.
  • Matthew Jacobson: Climate change and socio-economic transformations in the Late Antiquity of the Middle East.
  • Sarah Jones: The impact of climate variability on Bronze Age and Iron Age societies in the Middle East.
  • Scott Midgley: Trace-element incorporation into stalagmite calcite as a paleo-volcanic record: a chemical perspective.
  • Sam Nicholson: Going global: Palaeoclimate of Arabia and Human Evolution.
Research groups / Centres:
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Further Publications:

Marti, D., Krüger, Y., Fleitmann, D., Frenz, M., Ricka, J. (2012). The effect of surface tension on liquid-gas equilibria in isochoric systems and its application to fluid inclusions. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 314, 13-21.

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(Among the 25 most downloaded and 5 most cited papers in Quaternary Science Reviews)

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See also: Burns, S.J., Fleitmann, D., Matter, A., Kramers, J., Al-Subbary, A. A. (2004). Corrections and clarifications - Indian ocean climate and an absolute chronology over Dansgaard-Oeschger events 9 to 13, Science, 305, 1567.

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