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University of Reading students studying biological sciences have the opportunity to undertake research projects in taxonomy, biodiversity and applied ecology under the auspices of CWAC.  

The CWAC Student Research E-Journal gives students the opportunity to present their research in the form of a scientific paper and to showcase their expertise and skills to potential employers. It also demonstrates the high quality of research being undertaken by undergraduate and postgraduate students at Reading and the real impact they can have in informing practical conservation at both a local and national level.

"CWAC is committed to supporting students' research skills development by allowing them to work closely with research active staff in a professional research environment." 

CWAC also provides students with state-of-the-art research facilities and, funded by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Applied Undergraduate Research Skills (CETL-AURS), has established a new student research laboratory for the teaching of applied research skills in taxonomy, biodiversity and applied ecology.  

This laboratory, at the heart of the CWAC research community, has been refurbished and equipped with ecological sampling equipment, microscopes, imaging/AV equipment and a reference library. Since its creation in 2006 the laboratory has been used extensively for practical teaching and over 20 students have used it to conduct their research projects in applied ecology.



CWAC Student Research E-Journal

November 2007, Issue 1.

 Rebecca Dulieu, Thomas Merckx, Nicholas Paling and Graham Holloway

Using mark-release-recapture to investigate habitat use in a range of common macro-moth species

CWAC E-Journal (2007) Issue 1, pp1-9. [Abstract] [PDF]

This project examined the effect of different agricultural stewardship practices on the abundance, diversity and communities of macro-moths occurring over farmland in the UK.


Gemma Brandt, Lynsey Blows, Danielle Linton, Nicholas Paling and Colin Prescott

Habitat associations of British bat species on lowland farmland within the Upper Thames catchment area

CWAC E-Journal (2007) Issue 1, pp10-19. [Abstract] [PDF]

This study evaluated the importance of linear landscape features such as hedgerows and woodland edges as shelter and foraging habitats for vespertilionid bats on farmland in the UK.


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