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Mr Martin Wise
Job Title:
Finance and TLDF Administrator

I have responsibility for the Centre for Quality Support and Development (CQSD) finances on a day-to-day basis. Monitoring accounts, producing financial reports and providing support to the Director of Quality Support and Development in financial planning and management. I also manage all purchases, invoices and travel arrangements including monitoring and agreeing staff expenditures, 

I am also responsible for the forward planning, co-ordination and financial management of the Teaching and Learning Development Fund (TLDF), including: planning-organising the calendar for the schemes for the year ahead, identifying panels as well as being the Secretary to the seven selecting panels.

I manage all of the TLDF accounts - Liaising with many University wide Departments, agreeing expense claims, purchases and invoices. Monitoring accounts, producing financial reports, and identifying and reporting on any emerging issues and provide any guidance on the fund.

I also develop the advertising strategy, writing promotional text, updating the website, and disseminating information for the scheme.

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Martin Wise

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