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Week 3 ActivitySince launching its first MOOC in October 2013, the University continues to expand its portfolio of courses. Our open online courses are open to anyone around the world who has access to a computer, tablet or mobile device. They offer an opportunity to showcase our excellent teaching and world-leading research to a large, global audience, many of whom may not have had previous access to University study.

Our MOOCs are not currently associated with any university credit; learners take them for a range of reasons including for CPD purposes, for prospective students to investigate different subject areas, as preparation for further study, and for interest and personal development. Find out more about our courses.

New course proposals are welcomed from all members of the University, for consideration on an individual basis by the OOC Steering Committee. Please see our resources below for further information.

The team

The Open Online Courses (OOC) team develop and maintain the University's diverse range of free online courses (MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses), hosted on the online learning platform, FutureLearn.

The OOC team works closely with academic staff on both the pedagogical and practical aspects of developing open online courses. This involves project planning, course design, producing content (written, visual and video) and monitoring the course. We also work closely with colleagues in marketing to develop existing partnerships for promotional purposes. Once a course has been created it runs several times a year supported by a team of Mentors and Educators from the relevant school.

The OOC staff within CQSD are:

Resources including a guide to what is involved in creating an open online course and the OOC proposal form:

Click here to view resources for Open Online Courses.

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