Teaching & Learning Programme

The Teaching & Learning Programme aims to inspire all staff to:

  • Explore innovative approaches in teaching;
  • Enhance support for learners;
  • Engage in professional development;
  • Expand opportunities for technology enhanced learning.

Our schedule of varied events provides all staff with an opportunity for sharing good practice, discussing ideas, and working together.  Please click on the headings below to view sessions by category:

T&L Learner Support

Through understanding the diverse needs of all students, we reflect on ways to enhance the inclusivity of our curricula and learning support.

T&L Teaching Approaches

In these interactive sessions, we explore the benefits and challenges of different approaches to teaching through discussion of shared experiences and ideas.

T&L Policy

Delivered by our Teaching and Learning Deans, these sessions focus on understanding our University policies and the procedures that underpin them.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

We consider both pedagogical and practical aspects associated with expanding the use of varied technologies in our teaching and learning activities.

T&L Skills Development

Opportunities for all staff to enhance their professional skills, and for experienced staff who teach or support learning to gain professional recognition through the FLAIR CPD scheme.

T&L Showcases

Colleagues share their practical experiences in teaching through a series of short presentations at our themed showcases. No booking required.

CQSD Annual Conferences

The annual theme is drawn from the University's strategic T&L priorities. The aim is to invite inspiring external keynote speakers and include workshops and showcases led by our own academic colleagues and students, ensuring that attendees have practical ideas to take away.


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  • In addition, please note that we also organise lunchtime meetings for our Communities of Practice.
  • To see online videos related to the Programme, please click here.


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