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Girl in LibraryCQSD Lending Library

CQSD has a collection of books and other resources on a range of topics related to the T&L staff training programme. Staff are welcome to borrow any items by emailing Borrowing times are normally restricted to three weeks.

CQSD Courses

CQSD organises T & L events - to hear about these why not join CQSD's T&L Mailing List and subscribe to the T&L Blog.

For a full list of available courses with course descriptions, please visit the course search page. To check availability and book a session, log into Employee Self Service.

wwwConceptExternal Links

Further Internal TrainingBookLaptop250

There are a host of training opportunities open to staff at the University of Reading beyond those offered by CQSD. Below we highlight some of the departments who may be able to help you in your continued professional development.

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