FLAIR CPD Scheme Writing Workshops and Retreats

We offer various types of session to support you in writing your FLAIR CPD application.

Getting started writing workshops: These workshops include key information and lots of tips and hints for developing a successful application. The session also includes structured activities where you will develop and shape ideas for your application. We ask you to bring a device and to save the application proforma in advance so that you can work directly onto it during the session.

  • D1-D2 (Associate Fellow / Fellow): We offer two 'Getting started' workshops - one focused on Areas of Activity 1 and 3 and another focused on Areas of Activity 2 and 4 of the UKPSF. Area of Activity 5 is woven across the two workshops. The workshops can be attended in either order. Please note, Associate Fellows are not required to demonstrate all aspects of practice. As most Associate Fellows (D1) choose to focus on A2 and A4 we would encourage anyone considering Associate Fellowship to attend the A2/A4 workshop first.
  • D3 (Senior Fellow): The D3 'Getting started' workshop includes activities for developing ideas for the two major components of the D3 application: the Professional Activity Table (PAT) and the case studies.

Before attending a writing workshop you should watch the UKPSF screencast and look at the handbook and screencast for your chosen category of Fellowship.

'Follow up' writing retreats. Applicants can book  'Follow up' sessions. The time can be used flexibly as:

  • Protected space in your diary away from the usual working environment where you can work on the application;
  • an opportunity to look at our resources (e.g. exemplar applications);
  • a chance to ask questions and get feedback on your draft. (Applicants can book a thirty minute one-to-one appointment with a FLAIR tutor within the session).

Applicants are not required to attend any of our workshops/retreats. However, we strongly recommend attending as we have considerable expertise in what makes a strong application that we can share with you. In addition, the writing retreats are our mechanism for providing feedback. If you would like feedback on your draft, then please come to a retreat as we cannot give feedback on drafts sent by email.

You can book a place by using the links provided below:

'Getting started' writing workshops:

'Follow Up' Writing Retreats (All Categories)



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