Web surveys

Many user surveys are now carried out online, although other methods still remain popular and effective.

  • The University has a licence for Bristol Online Surveys. The service enables you to develop and analyse surveys on the web. An increasing number of support services are now using this tool, which means that students do have some experience of completing this type of web survey.

  • If you’d like to produce a survey using BOS and would like to enrol as a user, or if you have any technical questions about BOS, please contact:
    Guillem Rojas (g.rojas@reading.ac.uk)

  • There are also a number of other tools available which allow you to develop online surveys, such as Survey Monkey.
  • Web forms can also be created on the Content Management System.
  • Read the CMS training notes with instructions on how to create a form.

Things to do now

Consider the University policy on equal opportunities and diversity when conducting any user survey.

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