Guide to Policies and Procedures for Teaching and Learning

For the purposes of the processes described in the following documents, references to 'Ordinances' should be taken to mean 'Governing Regulations' and references to 'Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)' should be taken to mean 'Teaching and Learning Dean' for the 2015-16 academic session


Wordle - Quality1.   Key strategies

2.    Introduction to quality management process/structure in the University

Library3.   Internal monitoring, review and enhancement

Notes4.   Student representation, evaluation and complaints

Library65.   Programme Design and Development

[NB Programme Directors wishing to offer one of the modules in the database as part of their programme should contact the relevant Module Provider to ascertain whether the particular module is open to students from outside the 'host' School.]

Girl with books6.   Programme-related matters

(6) Apprenticeship Provision

Policies relating specifically to the University's apprenticeship provision can be found below. Where relevant additions and/or adaptations have been made to existing Policies (such as the Programme Life-cycle policy) to incorporate apprenticeship provision.

Coat Of Arms7.   Personal development

8.   Diversity and equality

Reference Book9.   Research degrees

10.  Staff development matters

Filing11.  Working with other institutions

[N.B. Guidance in relation to the design of collaborative programmes is included within Section 5b Guidelines on the design of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.]

12.  External assessment guidelines

13.  Assessment Handbook

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