CQSD and People Development

Laptop and booksWith effect from 1 August 2014, responsibilities for staff development will be shared between CQSD (which will be responsible for staff development related to teaching and learning) and a new People Development function within HR (which will be responsible for staff learning and development activity which does not relate to teaching and learning). People Development will therefore encompass staff development activity which previously sat in Estates and Facilities and IT Services, and the non-teaching and learning activity of CQSD.

In People Development, Anne Gallagher will be Head of Learning and Development. The new function will sit within the domain of the Deputy Director of Human Resources, Ruth Busby.

In CQSD, Maura O'Regan and Lisa Munday are working together on the teaching and learning development programme.

CQSD and People Development are in the process of developing programmes for 2014/15. Both programmes, as they emerge, can be viewed on the current CQSD pages "Search a Course" http://www.reading.ac.uk/internal/cqsd/courses/searchpage.htm . To view the full range of courses currently available simply leave the "course title" box empty and select "go".

Employee Self-service can continue to be used as normal and cqsd-tandl@reading.ac.uk and peopledevelopment@reading.ac.uk are the contact email addresses.

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