School Planning and Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (SPELT)

Male studentSchool Planning and Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (SPELT) Process (2013-16)

The School Planning and Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (SPELT) process was introduced across the University in 2013. SPELT aims to facilitate a positive and forward-looking approach to learning and teaching provision within Schools (much in the same way that the Research Planning Process does for research). In particular, SPELT has adopted an enhanced version of the annual School Teaching and Learning (T&L) Plan as a strategic mechanism for identifying possibilities to enhance T&L and portfolio development and to help inform Schools' Three Year Operating Plans (2014-17). The University Board for Teaching and Learning (UBTL) oversees and monitors the SPELT process.

How does SPELT work?

The SPELT process is undertaken in four main stages:

Stage 1: SPELT Planning Meeting

The Associate Dean Teaching and Learning (ADTL) has a meeting with each School in their Faculty and they discuss, in the light of contextual data, the School's teaching and learning provision, its student recruitment targets, and enhancement priorities.

Stage 2: Preparation of School Teaching and Learning Plans

In the light of the discussion at SPELT Planning Meetings, Schools prepare Teaching and Learning Plans for submission to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (T&L) and ADTLs.

Stage 3: Central Resource Prioritisation Meetings

The Head of University Administration (HUA), in consultation with the PVC (T&L) and the ADTLs, prioritises central resource to facilitate the delivery of focussed change in areas related to teaching and learning (for example, admissions, the student experience, pedagogy, assessment, and development of the programme portfolio), as identified in the SPELT Planning Meetings.

Stage 4: Teaching and Learning Plan Meetings

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, PVC (T&L) and Head of University Administration meet with the relevant Dean, ADTL, Head of School, and School Director of Teaching and Learning (SDTL) to discuss the School's T&L Plan, to determine student recruitment targets and to assure themselves that appropriate actions are being taken in respect of enhancement. The discussion informs the development of the School's Three-Year Operating Plan.

What is CQSD involvement in SPELT?

The SPELT process enables the University to systematically prioritise those Schools who may benefit from additional central services support to assist their performance in specific areas. In 2013-14 CQSD are working with a number of Schools to enhance practices in relation to assessment and feedback. CQSD use the outcomes of the SPELT process to work with Schools to develop tailored support for staff, establishing realistic, achievable goals that will both enhance practice and therefore improve the student learning experience.

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