How CQSD Can Help

How CQSD can helpThere are various sources of External Funding available for teaching and learning and other student-related projects. CQSD can offer some support to staff in the development of bids, depending on the nature and scope of the proposal.

We can, for example:

  • Discuss potential project ideas
  • Help identify sources of funding
  • Provide some feedback on draft proposals

Preparing bids

  • All staff considering submitting a bid should always notify their Head of Department/School to seek support and approval for the funding application
  • CQSD should be contacted as early as possible to discuss the funding proposal
  • Research & Enterprise should always be notified as soon as possible for external funding bids to support staff in developing costings and to provide advice on budget planning.
  • T&L bids should meet at least one of the University's Teaching and Learning Enhancement Priorities 2013-2015 and/or be able to demonstrably contribute to future T&L strategic direction.

Internal selection process

As funding is highly competitive, there will now be an internal selection process to identify which proposal(s) go forward and are supported by the University.

An Expression of Interest (EoI) outlining your idea using up to 500 words should be emailed to

Please include:

  1. the particular theme(s) your proposal covers
  2. the aims of your project and what you hope it will achieve
  3. who would be the project lead (must be a HEA Fellow) and project partners
  4. who else so far has been involved in discussion/consulted regarding your proposal


Identifying financial support in kind is essential, and we advise you to consider this before submitting an EoI

If selected, you will be responsible for writing and producing the bid. Given the commitment required to produce a high quality application, we would advise departments/groupings to be realistic as to whether they can give the time and resource to do so.

Advice will be available for the selected proposals from CQSD (regarding the content of your bid) and Research & Enterprise (regarding your budget).

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