TLDF One-Off Scheme

TLDF "One-off" T&L Equipment/Events Funding Scheme

(subject to available funding)

This scheme is run during each year there is an available underspend in the TLDF and is intended to use this funding to provide equipment or cover ad hoc travel and registration costs for Teaching and Learning related activities.

Scheme Criteria

All proposals must:

  • Support a T&L activity (or activities) in your School or Service;
  • Provide a budget outline with quotes from relevant suppliers (seek advice from Procurement re: approved suppliers);
  • Adhere to the conditions of funding (see below)

Proposals will be prioritised according to the extent to which:

  • They will drive forward Teaching and Learning Enhancement Priorities at School and/or institutional levels;
  • They can demonstrate how the funding will enhance existing practices/develop new practices in the identified area of teaching and learning;
  • They have the potential for broader use (e.g. in the case of T&L equipment purchases) across the Department/School/University.

Conditions of funding

  • Events, travel and physical receipt of equipment must take place by 31 July 2014, with no further costs/expenses requested from TLDF. (a list of forthcoming external T&L events is available on the CQSD website on the Coming Soon webpage).
  • All funding must be spent/invoiced by 30 June 2014.
  • Purchase card payments must be made by 30 June 2014.
  • Purchase orders must be raised by 30 June 2014.

Application process

Application is via completion of an online form.

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