Teaching and Learning Development Fund


The Teaching and Learning Development Fund (TLDF) funds projects to enable the development of new initiatives and the enhancement of existing teaching and learning activities, in alignment with the direction set out in the University's Teaching and Learning Strategy and the University's Teaching and Learning Enhancement Priorities.

For 2013-2018, the 12 provisional University's Teaching and Learning Enhancement Priorities relevant to the TLDF scheme are:

Engage students in research and enquiry:

  • Expand opportunities for students to engage in research in the curriculum
  • Broaden research conference/publication opportunities for students
  • Raise the public profile of student research
  • Engage students in the curriculum and pedagogic development

Develop highly employable graduates:

  • Embed and develop placement opportunities
  • Increase engagement with co-curricular activities to enhance personal and professional development
  • Increase students' awareness of skills gained and their ability to articulate these skills
  • Increase interaction with alumni, schools, community and business

Evolve our approaches to teaching and learning:

  • Develop Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Develop our expertise in distance/blended and flexible learning
  • Expand the use of new modes of teaching
  • Increase the impact of assessment and feedback on learning

Project proposals must address at least one, and preferably more than one, of the above priorities however it is not expected that any single bid will to address all of them.

Project schemes:

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