School and Departmental Directors of Teaching and Learning (DTLs)


Notepad on a deskSee Responsibilities of School Directors of Teaching and Learning for a full description of the role and responsibilities (click here). The document was updated with effect from 1st August 2016.

Lunchtime Meetings

All community of practice lunches must be booked through Employee Self Service - direct link;s=;d=;ed=;a=T/186732008x 

Termly lunches are organised for the School and Department Directors for Teaching and Learning. The agenda for these meetings are discussed and agreed in advance by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning and the Teaching and Learning Deans. If you have any suggestions for future meetings please contact Deb Heighes


  • Wednesday 17 October 2018 (12.15-13.45)
  • Wednesday 13 March 2019  (12.15-13.45)
  • Wednesday 12 June 2019 (12.15-13.45)


Current SDTLs

School of Agriculture, Policy and Development - Rebecca Jerrome

School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Sciences - Dr Alan Howard

School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy - Dr Katrina Bicknell

School of Humanities - Dr Matthew Nicholls (0.5)

School of Law - Louise Hague

School of Literature and Languages - Dr Cindy Becker 

School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences - Dr Karen Ayres, Deputy School Director of Teaching and Learning -  Dr Peter Inness

School of Politics, Economics and International Relations - Dr. Simon Burke

School of Psychology and Clinical Language Science - Dr Tom Loucas, Dr Beth Law (UG), Dr Kate Harvey (PGT) Vesna Stojanovik (clinical programmes)

Institute of Education - Dr Richard Harris

International Study and Language Institute (ISLI) - Ms Alison Nader

University of Reading Malaysia - Academic Director (Teaching & Learning), Dr Samantha Weston

Henley Business School (HBS)

School Director of Teaching and Learning: Dr Susan Rose

* Please note that in HBS the SDTL works in conjunction with a team of Director of Studies who take on duties at module level and Heads of Programme Areas who together with Programme Area Directors take programme level duties. The SDTL also works closely with the Director of T&L Strategic Projects, Dr Martin Bicknell

Directors of Studies;

Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting - Dr Liang Han

ICMA Centre - Dr Mike Smith 

Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour - Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova,

Marketing and Reputation - Dr Irute Daukseviciute

International Business and Strategy - Dr Lucy Newton

Real Estate and Planning - Dr Jorn van de Wetering

Heads of Programme Areas

Undergraduate Programmes - Dr Carol Padgett

Pre-Experience Postgraduate Programmes - Professor Peter Miskell

Post-Experience Postgraduate Programmes - Dr Elena Beleska-Spasova

Postgraduate Research Programmes - Dr Gianluca Marcato

Programme Area Directors;

Accounting - Mrs Elaine Darby (UG), Dr Renata Stenka (PG)

Business Management: Andrew Hull (UG), Mr Keith Heron (PG)

Finance: Dr Ioannis Oikonomou (UG), Dr George Alexandridis (PG) 

Real Estate and Planning: Dr Emma Street (UG), Dr Eamonn D'Arcy (PG)

Informatics: Dr Yin Leng Tan (PG)

Things to do now

Contact the SDTL Community of Practice by email To contact SDTLs only, please use the email addresses provided on the left of the page.

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